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The school's mold test report from 10/15/2021 does show the presence of Aspergillus and Penicillium inside the school rooms 116 and 600.  The school's mold test company confirmed that this is what the report says.  The school's mold test company did say that these molds can produce mycotoxins [Patulin and Ochratoxin.]  The school's mold test company says that a inside measurement of 210 is the same as two outside measurements of <13 and 160.  The school has concluded that there is no mold in these classrooms.

These symptoms below are very indicative of a toxic mold exposure:

|Current CM student sudden onset of post school headache and leg pain | Current 5th and 7th graders co-develop auto-immune condition and doctor suspect environmental cause | Current WL 7th grader cannot enter school without immediately developing headache, dizziness, chest pain | Current CM 5th grader experienced acute respiratory distress and pain in music class | 2 Previous WL mothers shared with us their kids developed mold allergies while attending WL | Father shares with us his current CM 1st and 5th graders have suddenly develop severe mold allergies | Current CM 7th grader with mold allergies comes home worse from school than when he leaves in the morning, even with allergy medicine | Please share with us your stories.

ALERT!!!  My younger son 5th grader no longer comes home from school with toxin symptoms!  I started having him wear an active battery powered HEPA filter face mask, and ever since he's been wearing, he no longer comes home from school with toxin build up symptoms.  D96 Parents, if your child has asthma or your suspect school toxin exposure symptoms, I will give you a $50 battery powered HEPA filter face mask for your child to wear.  I'll even have my 5th grader teach them how to use it.  If you want to talk to him directly, let me know, he can tell you himself about the pain he gets if he breaths the school air for too long.

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Invisible toxins hurting our kids?

October 2019, my son, Isaac 5th grader at the time, was at a swim club meet in Stevenson High School when he went into shock and was hospitalized.  When he started going back to school at Country Meadows Elementary School, he would enter in good health, but as the school day progressed, he had to be picked up and wheelchaired home.  Several times he had seizures in class.  This repeated many times until we decided to just keep him home due to his deteriorating health.

He suffered 2 years of debilitating symptoms.  It was horrible.  We found out he has a weakened immune system that makes him very susceptible to mold/mycotoxins.  We made sure that our home was safe, and he became healthy again.  However, he still can’t be exposed to mold/mycotoxins or his health will deteriorate rapidly.

Today, he cannot enter Woodlawn Middle School (7th grade) without getting sick within minutes to seconds.  As soon as he leaves, he gets better.  Yet, he can be in our house, other indoor public places, and of course outside without getting sick.

Despite the growing number of reports of schools having mold/mycotoxins problems, there are no safe limits established for school indoor air mold/mycotoxin levels. 

Up to 25% of the population has a genetic pre-disposition that makes them more susceptible to mold illness. (Source:

Mycotoxins are well documented for their toxic effects on the human cell, causing a number of problems in normal cell function and association with a wide variety of clinical symptoms and diseases, including Immune Suppression, Neurotoxicity (Anxiety, ADHD, Insomnia,) Depression, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and more.


Isaac needs your help to get clean indoor school air, so he can return to school in an environment that is safe for him.  While many people can deal with more mold/mycotoxin exposure than others, due to Isaac’s weakened immune system, any exposure can be devastating to his health.

Just the same as adding air quality controls for students with asthma, I am asking for the school to perform mold/mycotoxin level testing and/or do what is necessary to upgrade their air quality so my son can attend school.

I started asking June 17, 2021 and as of today, the school has not provided me any specific actionable air quality control plan to ensure his disability accommodations for a safe environment are met: an environment free of mold and mycotoxins, particularly the air he breathes. On September 9, they notified me that they are performing an air quality assessment.  On October 6 at a 504 meeting, they rejected my idea to put portable UV HEPA filters in his classrooms to see if that would help to make it safe for Isaac to attend school.  With no safe accommodations at school, Isaac cannot attend school in person.  They are investigating the concern.  At this point, I am not aware of any air quality system upgrades performed or planned.

The school is providing my son core class remote access via zoom.

After the school board meeting 10/19, the D96 Superintendent verbally committed to doing what it takes to get my son back into school.  I am grateful for that verbal commitment.  A 10/15 test report was released to the public on 10/29/2021 and shows when compared to the pre-test data, Room 116 shows 31% more Aspergillus/Penicilluim.  The mold test company verbally confirmed with me their test report does show mold in those classrooms, but when asking where is this extra 31% coming from if not from inside the school, and when compared to the post-test data, Room 600 shows 11 times more and Room 116 shows 15 times more (Room 116) than post test outside of toxin (patulin and ochratoxin) producing mold (Aspergillus and Penicillium) that were in my son's urine blood test for his mold illness and what can cause him to have seizures, the response is that the data is statistically insignificant when compared to outside air.

Regardless, a test doesn't change the air conditions of a school and no building air quality improvements have been made that I am aware of since my sons' started having issues in the school building.

Contrastingly, D102 district, with student with a similar condition, immediately once being notified of the student's health condition got building services involved and tested every room that she’s in throughout the day, purchased a HEPA air purifier for her classroom, and upgraded all of the school's furnace filters to the highest grade for air quality.  They also assured the family that they would do this every year while the student is in the district.

Please help/comment if you can.

Please help make school safe for my kids:

Share our site to raise awareness and support, particularly with parents of children with mold allergies, asthma, auto-immune conditions, weakened immune system or other air quality related health conditions.

Contact the Julie Schmidt,, D96 Dir. Ed Services, Amy Gluck,, Principal Grana,, and/or the Illinois State Board of Education

"To whom it may concern, I am worried about the health children attending Woodlawn Middle School D96. I have learned of a mold sensitive student is not able to enter the school without getting sick. Why is this?  I am concerned about the safety of other children?  Why can’t you just take immediate action to improve air quality at school with air purification technology, higher quality furnace air filters, better AC condenser coil disinfection, and add HEPA filters in all classrooms?"

Where did their $1,021,542 COVID Relief Funds get allocated to if not to ensure clean safe air?  |  ROW 122

Imagine how challenging this is for other students with mold issues to get a safe environment at their school.  This is why we need to establish required annual specific mold/mycotoxin testing and safe limits.  Help us make it law:

Write your congressman and/or call the Illinois Department of Health 217-782-5830.  Demand safe air for kids.

State Representative Chris Bos

District Office:

92 E. Main Street

Lake Zurich, IL  60047

(224) 662-1176

State Senator Dan McConchie

District Office:

325 N. Rand Road

Suite B

Lake Zurich, IL  60047

(224) 662-4544

Thank you for your support and keep sharing your stories, D96 and D125 parents Patrick and Soo Lee



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Let's stop mold from being a possible contributing cause of our children's suffering:  allergies, asthma, anxiety, ADHD, depression, migraines, seizures, suicide, etc.

We are working with to draft a bill that will protect children from the mold / mycotoxin dangers of indoor school air.  Stay tuned.

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Ensuring that All Voices are Heard

Advocacy is an essential pillar of our Protest Movement. There is strength in numbers, and we work to inform and encourage others to take a stand for what they believe in. If you suspect at all that your child is impaired in anyway from exposure to mold or mycotoxins and don't feel you're child is safe at school and/or you want to help fight for clean air for kids, please contact me.  Did your child develop certain conditions only after starting school at D96, do they seem okay at home, but struggle while at school or struggle more starting mid week after a few days of spending all day inside school?  Join as a member, share your story in the forum, contact me directly.  This website is starting with D96, but next is D125, D214, and then then all schools in the state of Illinois, including colleges and their dormitories.  Our kids have a right to clean air free of mold and mycotoxins.



Ready to make an impact? Contact us to learn how we can begin working together.

Patrick Lee, D96 and D125 Parent


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